Email started becoming an important method of communication in the year 1996. It was during this time that Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith built one of the free web based email services. It soon turned into the world’s largest provider of email service which offered free service. It is available in almost 30 languages and has a user base of 260 million users all across the globe.

Hotmail was launched in the year 1996 on the 4th of July and was one of the first web based email services in the market. This was the time when dot-com was in its boom. By the end of the year 1997 Hotmail had almost 8.5 million users. During this time Microsoft invested in Hotmail by paying them $400 millions. Once Microsoft invested in it, Hotmail got expanded to even more languages and by the end of 1999 was one of the largest web based email service with a user base of 30 million users. In the year 2008, Hotmail was reported to have almost 260 million users.

Hotmail was built on a platform which uses Free BSD and Solaris and when Microsoft made an attempt to launch Hotmail on a windows platform it failed miserably and in the year 2005, Microsoft rebuilt it from the scratch and launched it.

Though Hotmail was the first among the web based email services it had other competitors in the form of Yahoo and Lycos. In the year 2004 Gmail took over the email world by storm and revolutionized the entire industry. The main features of Gmail were speed as well as huge storage space. In order to maintain its market share sign in made significant improvements to its services.

Hotmail Features:

The features of sign in Hotmail have changed significantly over the years. In the beginning, Hotmail had POP mail retrieval feature, spell check, folder options and many more. When Microsoft took over many additional features were added which included MP3 files, integration with Windows Microsoft messenger, audio player for MP3 and amazing security features. The number of languages in which the services were offered also increased considerably. Here is the list of languages in which sign in Hotmail could be used:

• Finnish
• German
• Bulgarian
• Korean
• Slovenian
• French
• Italian
• Chinese (both traditional and simplified)
• Latvian
• Polish
• Dutch
• Hebrew
• Arabic
• Japanese
• Romanian
• Thai
• Norwegian
• Swedish
• Croatian
• Estonian
• Slovak
• Lithuanian
• Turkish
• Russian
• Czech
• Portuguese
• Greek
• Ukrainian
• Hungarian
• Spanish
• Danish
• Serbian and
• English sign in has two different versions. One is the free version which offers 5 GB of space to the user and another is the paid version of Hotmail sign in where the user needs to pay $19.95 per annum and get 10 GB of space. The added features of the paid version include it being advertising free and have 20 MB of file attachment size.

How to Open a New Hotmail Account

Email is the most preferred form of communication in the present world whether it is official, personal or financial. With the help of an email one can send text messages, pictures and other documents with any cost apart from that paid to get an internet connection. An email can also be a perfect way to advertise for the business. Business houses prefer people using their in-house email but they would also need a personal email. Hotmail sign in is one of most popularly used email services in the world. Setting up a Hotmail account is an extremely simple task.

• In the web browser open website. This page is the home page and contains much more information about issues relating to health, entertainment, news etc. In the right hand side of the web page there is a sign-in button. Click on this and there will be a screen that that will show up. This screen will have two options. The first option is the sign in account and the next says are you new to MSN? and asks if you want to sign up – click on this button.

hotmail sign in

• A screen will pop up which asks if you want to sign up for a new hotmail account. Click on continue and this will take you to a new screen which has loads of questions and also a place where you have to enter your username and password. Security questions will also have to be answered. login

• Select an email id which will be your name or something that identifies you. log in

• Click on the “I accept” button after all the details are filled in and at this stage you will be brought back to the msn home page. This is where you have to sign in and began sending emails. hotmail

Recover lost password: sign in has the largest number of users. There is a fair enough chance that a person might forget his password and will be unable to use his hotmail login. Hotmail has a system through which the users’ password can be retrieved. Here are the steps in which it can be done:

  1. Open sign in page on the web browser
  2. Click on link which says “Forgot your password?” and then select on “I forgot my password”
  3. Click on “reset the password” which is the link that is given below “I forgot my password”
  4. Enter windows live ID as well as the verification code. Click on the next button and this will send your new password to the alternate email id you mentioned during the registration process.

How to Contact Hotmail Customer Service

Hotmail is a part of the services offered by Microsoft and a part of windows live suite of services. In order to contact their customer care, one needs to send them an email to the customer service. They can also be contacted through phone as well.

• Go to the sign in hotmail page
• Click on the help icon which is present on the right hand corner on the screen
• Click on support which is in the drop down menu
• Type your query here and you will find many question similar to yours.
• Click on a query that is somewhat similar to your query and see if this can solve your problem.
• In case you are not able to find an answer to your query on the web then, you can call on 1-866-672-4551 anytime between 8 a.m. and 1 a.m. EST from Monday to Friday and between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. EST on Saturday and Sunday.

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